Professional Driver Education Program

The Professional Driver Education Program (PDEP)

Safe driving is most important

PDEP is a nine-course program designed to teach your drivers the importance of safety, reducing risks and Department of Transportation (DOT) operational best practices.

PDEP will not be for sale starting August 1. We are testing and uploading a brand new version of the course that will be available in October.

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Additional Information

Additional Info


Why enroll in PDEP? This program is features nearly seven hours of instruction on topics that will help improve safety, reduce risk, and enhance your customer service. In addition, you'll learn to establish consistent work practices and operational best practices. Upon completion of PDEP the student can download a certificate of completion in RentalU under learning plans in their “My Activities” page.

Course Overview

The Professional Driver Education Program includes nine courses on topics from loading and unloading to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and customer service.

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What Drivers Say

"The training session accomplished the company's goals of having everyone on the same page regarding safety and customer service. For us, it was more than worth it," Bruce Bowman, Star Equipment Ltd.

"I got the most from the training about checking and securing the load, cone placement, and loading on the road. It was easy to do, well put together, and I would even recommend it to experienced drivers," Larry Walters, Chattanooga Tent.

How much does it cost?


All users, per license:



A 10% discount applies when a company carries ARA Insurance.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost?

    $50 ...

    All users will pay $50.00 for each license. ARA insured receive 10% off every purchase of this product.  ARA Insurance also issues a complimentary course upon yearly policy renewal.  Please contact ARA Insurance at 800.821.6580 for questions regarding claiming your free course.
  • How long does it take to complete?

    The course consists of nine different modules that are 30-45 minutes each. ...

    The course consists of nine different modules that are 30-45 minutes each. Each section has a quiz and there is an overall comprehensive exam which requires an 80% or better to pass.
  • Do you have to renew your certificate?

    The Professional Driver Education Program is  ...

    The Professional Driver Education Program is a certificate program. There are no renewal requirements for PDEP, but individuals can take the course again as a refresher.