Ri$k Happens: Found fire

Jun. 26, 2022 - By Angela Cady, AIC - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

An attendant at a 24-hour gas station called the fire department very early one morning when he saw smoke coming from the warehouse down the road. The fire department responded and worked quickly to get the blaze under control. The property was owned by a rental store which stored much of their equipment at the facility. The owner was notified.

The rental store owner later learned that a truck parked inside the warehouse had caught fire, causing extensive damage to the vehicle and the trailer attached to it. The nearby equipment sustained heavy smoke damage but the firefighters contained the blaze before more damage occurred.

The rental store owner filed a claim with his insurance. The matter is under investigation. The damage will be paid according to the policy language.

Fires can occur under very unlikely circumstances. Consider if a fire alarm or sprinkler system is right for your space. If you already have one, ensure it is in good working order.

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