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Hello ARA of Florida members! Spring is finally here and we hope you are all beginning, what we hope, is a very busy season. Your board members have been hard at work planning a few events that have just passed and one that is still upcoming.

As we are sure all of you know, the 2014 Rental Show was held in Orlando in mid-February. This is a wonderful event and to have it in our state is a huge deal! We took this opportunity to have an event where all of our members could meet, tell stories, and generally interact for a few hours. So, we hosted a mixer at Maggiano's on Monday night and, based on all the feedback we have gotten, this was a huge success. We had a great turnout and while the mixer was only supposed to be two hours long, people were hanging out more than 3 hours after the event began.

We have started planning for the fall meeting. Save the dates of August 8-10!  We are heading back to Clearwater Beach, where we had a very successful meeting 2 years ago and very positive feedback from all who attended. This will definitely be a "don't miss" event! So watch your e-mail for information coming your way.

Remember, getting involved will help grow your business! Here’s to a successful summer!

--ARA of Florida Board

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